The Rolls Royce Silver Spirit II





The car is very comfortable, turn heads, so it's nice to fit in a drive around the local area just after the ceremony so the newly weds get a chance to reflect on the day and also get some quality time together before the reception etc. - get that royal wave practiced whilst sipping your champagne.

We will fine tune the color and style of flowers and ribbons to the theme of the wedding.

The car boasts more than the average amount of leg room in the back.

What can I expect on the day ? A typical wedding day would go along the lines as follows :-

The car, after having had at least a 4hr valet the day before, will arrive at the home of the bride in plenty of time so as neighbors see the car and visitors & friends get a chance to get photos of the bride with car etc. (the car can take bridesmaids, distance permitting, first) then the bride and often the father are taken leisurely to the wedding venue arriving after the groom and guests are already installed. probably more pics here from your photographer.

During the ceremony the car will remain and through the photos if you are going off somewhere else for the photos, then this is all included after the photos, lets get that bubbly open, by now you need it! Few more pics no doubt, then we're off, bride and groom alone together at last with a bottle of bubbly and a chance to say 'Hi' to each other, lets go the long way round and relax, enjoy the pose! Then to the reception where the car will remain until the happy couple are safely inside - Congratulations.